Here you can find the public materials and manuals we developed during the projects. Content on this page is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 license β€” you can share and adapt the materials while giving an appropriate credit to us.

Wild Style Cookbook (2017)

We have created a practical guide and a cookbook with the hope that it will help individuals, youth organizations and other institutions all across the world to implement outdoor events with groups of young people in connection with the topic of sustainability and outdoor cooking.

Involve’em Manual (2017)

In this manual, created after the Training Course “Involve’EM: Increasing the Local Impact of Organizations” (Estonia, 2017), you will find information connected to youth trends, quality of youth work and tools exchange for NGO development.

Outdoor and Explore (2016)

This manual was the result of the job shadowing “Outdoor and Explore”, organized by Shokkin Group Estonia and Youth Association DRONI in national parks of Georgia during August 2016. In it you will be able to learn more about Outdoor Education, characteristics of facilitators/trainers in outdoor settings, and access a step-by-step guide for planning projects and other educational activities in natural contexts.

Power of the Game (2016)

The booklet, created after the Training Course with the same name held in Austria in 2016, describes the concept of gamification in education, the different roles of facilitators in a game, and contains detailed descriptions of the games created by participants during the project.

Tell a Different Story: Active citizenship, photography and media (2016)

In this booklet you should find inspiration for documentary photography, tips on visual storytelling, and information on how to use social media to share your ideas and arrange a public event to increase the visibility of issues that need attention.

Entrerural: Step-by-Step Guide (2015)

This step-by-step guide is based on our experience about how to organize events in rural areas. Starting from getting your head around the idea, followed by planning and implementation, ending with dissemination and evaluation of your project.

Entrerural: Manual for Rural Entrepreneurs (2015)

This Guidebook tells about the possibilities of rural areas as a great potential place for personal development and work using real examples, while giving hints about how to start a business.

Agenda ACE: Project Development Manual (2015)

In this handbook you will find tons of tips and tricks connected with project development: from how to start working on a project idea and group challenges, to actual methods and tools to develop a successful project application.

The Shokkinopoly Game (2012)

Shokkinopoly is a simulation game created to foster entrepreneurial attitude and spirit among young people and to give a chance to develop valuable learning outcomes for the target group in a short time.